A good friend in need is a good friend’s support

Good morning! It is freezing cold and I am home in the warmth, lucky me. I was thinking the other day about my art work, where to start getting and bringing people to notice I exist? I am terrible with my spellings and grammars and almost don’t have much patients to write. I am learning slowly to be better of all those things and it is the only way to improve. I do get shy writing about my work and about all the things on my blogs and most of all is uploading a picture of myself! (photo below is me and Ellis with Stevie the dog).

In this blog it’s about friends’ supports. As I was preparing my website and my blogs for the very first time, I honestly didn’t  realize how long doing this take, a very long time. Before I attached the whole thing on facebook I was thinking likely not many will even bother to click onto it and read it because we all have a busy life, right? I do it sometimes. The next day I was in work a good friend, Ellis said she had a look at my site and read it adding, ‘it’s very professional and really good to read what I wrote’. I must say, it made me smile 🙂 and hope sparkle in my head. It is extremely important to have friends and families support, it makes a hell of a different. I appreciate everyone that is supporting me now and way before I began this blog. Thank you. xxx


Here is me and Ellis with Stevie the woofy. A good friend in need is a good friend’s support. Thank you Ellis, you are famous now!




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