Business Card


Business Card

I work in the salon and I talk a lot about my art work to my clients. It is wonderful when we tell about our interests and art has always been the top conversation. There is always a happy heart when my clients ask for my business card, it’s a size of a postcard, I now carry them around with me. That remind me I must design a new business card soon. I also give them out to my eBay buyers when they buy a piece of my art work. If you have the time please check my eBay shop, just click onto here

NanKwancy Kwan Cut Acrylic on A3 Canvas


Nancy Kwan Cut Acrylic on A3 Canvas Painting

When I first started my hairdressing apprentice I was still painting at the same time. It is always hard to begin and finding something a little bit different to paint. While I was working and studying hairdressing I was so much inspired by Vidal Sassoon. I looked into his work and decided to interpret his great artistic hair style onto canvases. Maybe in the future I continue to do more.

This piece is on for sale at


Sunday Walks


Well Hall Pleasaunce, Eltham

It was a busy day at work yesterday and Sunday usually is my relaxing day doing the chores but this morning my sister wanted to have a nice Sunday walk. Though, I have been in Eltham for over a year I haven’t quite explore the area much. I know it has a great history all around and it is a very exciting place to explore. We did a long walk for 40 minutes before we took a wonderful stroll in Well Hall Pleasaunce, so many squirrels! This was once home of Railway Children author E Nesbit. There is a Tudor Barn that does afternoon teas which we will do next time when the sun and flowers are out. If you not been to Well Hall Pleasaunce before I would recommend a day here.



Flower Report 1 Photoshop

Many years ago I was really good with Photoshop, exploring the new technique and playing around with repeats. I must say I do miss Photoshop a little bit, still, nothing can compare to a brush and paint. Am I right?

Flower Repeat 1 Photoshop Print is now on sale at my eBay shop




Paintings On For Auction

My pleasure in life is arts and crafts, I love cooking too. I promise to paint more from the beginning of this year. I have been absolutely lazy last year and have been kicking myself about it. 2017 is about getting my work out there and hopefully it be a good start for me. I have done two new paintings ‘Mood Leaf’ and ‘Leaves Changing’. I can’t wait to start my third canvas.

All my A3 canvas are on auction on