Tulips and Lemon Tree


Tulips and Lemon Tree

Last year I bought  a pack of tulips form Amsterdam home and potted some in the pot and most of them out in the front garden. Look how they are now, I was amazed they grew so well considering the street cats kept on digging them up and I thought they destroyed them. The lemon tree is my sister’s she grew it from the actual pip, it’s looking great!

Sutcliffe Park


Sutcliffe Park, Greenwich.

Last Sunday we (sister) went walking for an hour and a half. We haven’t explored much of SE9 and wanted to see what Sutcliffe Park is like. It was a very lovely walk and the park is surprising big and very busy. The weather was perfect for the whole day, hope it stay like this. A Sunday walk is something I think is worth doing every weekend, it does take away my mind about work, work and work.



Telephones 2, pen on handmade paper

I was asked where I got this paper from, I handmade them. It was simple and easy. An experiment I was trying out. I love this piece, it was for a home accessories project. Home phones was a very important part in the home but now mobile phones taken it’s place. How technology has changed.

This piece is on sale here http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/ntranart?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

Sam McKnight Hair

How exciting it was going to see a hair exhibition at the Somerset House yesterday. Hairdressing is also a craft and creative position. There was much to take in from Sam McKnight work, it’s incredible to watch how one’s hands can create around the head bringing a fabulous result of art into the hair. I am much inspired from this exhibition, very please to catch it before it finishes.