The Holiday Blues

I have been to Egypt many years ago but being back there again a week ago has broaden my mind. I loved it much more than the first round. This time I traveled to Cairo and spent 3 nights on the amazing Sudan Steam Ship from Aswan to Luxor. I spent 1 night at the beautiful Old Winter Palace Hotel. I have seen so much of Egypt in five days but wanting more. I realize now what the saying of ‘holiday blues’ is. I’ve been on many holidays but this is the very first holiday I am feeling the ‘blues’. Better still, I have all my photos to look back on and I will return again.


Time To Cook


Time To Cook

I was studying Art in school for A’ level and this piece was a final acrylic painting on paper. So much fun and memories in class, it was always very therapeutic painting. I am very happy to have sold this special piece recently. I am sure it is going to a better home than just sitting in my folder tucked away.

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